The Journey Begins

Guillaume Apollinaire is recognized today as the father of Surrealism, a term he coined to express art  which sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind. We suspect, he had a connection with the exogenous during his experience on the war or during his recover.

During this contact, he saw something that would increase his already sensitive mind to the nature of XM and the most probably the real nature of the glyph, that he could not identify but try to represent on his posteriors work, culmination on the creation of the caligrames. With his death shortly after, his work to express the what he saw during the war was incomplete

Who contacted him?

What did they want to communicate?

Those two question are the ones that now, roughly 100 years later with better knowledge of the exogenous and XM, we propose to  answer.

To do this, we want to try to recreate the condition of his contact invoking the nature of his work and using glyph to initiate the contact .


We would use Giant glowing cuckoo clock, surrounded by his caligrames, as a facade, we would incorporate LEDs that would change colour when the portal is captured. A cuckoing lobster, will also make her presence know with a noise.

After this the communication module will be set, on the ground would be each of the 11 points of the glyph grid, a screen will show the message to send, to active the module and send the message, we would need to recreate the message show on the glyph grid on the floor.

If the project is successful, we should been able to replicate the contact with the exogenous entity that contacted Guillaume Apollinaire and increase awareness about the subconscious and the real surrealist area of the art