We are recruiting

Our portal art installation submission has been accepted for the Dreamer archetype at Schloss Kaltenberg in Germany on May 25th!

We are going to need help with it though! If you can make it to the event, then help constructing it, transporting it, etc, would be great! If you can’t, but would still like to help, we are looking for people who might like to help designing, making, coding, testing offsite too.

I think it could be divided into:

  • Cuckoo clock façade
  • Cuckooing lobster / bubbles
  • Dance dance glyphalution

For each of these, we need people to help with:

  • Designing
  • Making/ constructing / coding
  • Testing
  • Transporting to the site
  • Constructing on site
  • Looking after on site

This would be a fantastic weekend on a medieval German castle, that it said to produces fantastic beer and participate on one of the two Magnus events that Niantic have organise on the world.